Mini-Motes on Tuesday

I have an answer: Why do so many young people embrace “socialism”? In a single word, arrogance. From my conversations, and there have been more than a few, they all seem to think they are so smart that they will be part of the “rule makers” and just sit around deciding what the populace will do.

With a grain of salt: Headline says “Majority of Americans are (for/against/believe/disbelieve) ….(add your favorite)”. The only majority these people are quoting, is the majority of the tiny “representative” group that these people asked leading questions to, not the “majority of America”.

A nation of laws?: No, not anymore. If the president says don’t enforce “these” laws, and don’t arrest “those” violators, we are no longer a “Nation of Laws”. We are simply a jungle.

At the “Unpeachment”: Last Tuesday Head Impeachment Manager Jamie Raskin and Democrats claimed “seven people lost their lives” by their experiences that day. Another disgusting lie. Two other Capitol Police officers committed suicide later that month.  To blame their suicides on the Capitol riots is completely outrageous and disingenuous. Officer Brian Sicknick died after the rioting likely from blood clot and stroke, not from being struck by a “peaceful protester”. There was one murder. ASHLI BABBITT was murdered. And her killer still walks free.

Did you know: Bill Gates owns 101 million shares (or about 15%) of Canadian National Railway Co.? He also owns 242, 000 acres of American Farmland. Interesting.

I want to make a picture of me holding the severed bleeding head of Kathy Griffin. Think anybody would get upset?

Routine now: In what most of the media is characterizing as “a routine” event, Joe Biden has asked 56 U.S. attorneys appointed by Donald Trump to resign. Trump asked 46, one of which refused and caused a big hohaha. And Trump waited until March of 2017 to do so,not in the 1st 30 days.

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