Motes and Stuff For Thursday

Really: David Hogg says he’s going to start making pillows and put Mike Lindell pout of business. I say go for it, Davey boy. And when you fail miserably maybe you’ll shut up. I doubt it, but I am tired of listening to a teen-something POS telling me I’m a “conspiracy theorist” and a “white supremacist” because I differ in my political view of the world. Remember Davey, what you read about in your history books, I lived.

Still no answer: I recently wondered when the “Speaker of the House” became so powerful. She makes demands of the president, creates special rules, which she seems to feel don’t apply to her,and seems to be making national and international policy.  Now I read where the Hawaii “SotH” is becoming more powerful than the governor. Mister Speaker says he doesn’t want to be governor. I understand that, why would he want to be less powerful.

Ashli Babbitt. Her killer has still not been publicly identified.

 Well, we have circled around: Well they are, again, talking about “red light cam’s” in downtown Honolulu. Several years ago the State tried “speed enforcement camera’s” and that didn’t work out. This bill was introduced in 2020 and makes specific stipulations on which intersections will be used. Not sure how much good they will do, but the State of Hawaii is looking for anything to help the budget shortfall. Everything except opening tourism.

Two side law enforcement: On Saturday, a Black Lives Matter march through the streets of Washington, D.C., involved protesters dressed in antifa black bloc and threatening to burn down the nation’s capital if their demands were not met. It started as a “DC Queer and Trans Black History Month March and Rally” organized by the Total Liberation Collective and the Palm Collective.  So far, no wanted posters or facial identifications have been made.

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