Second Monday(Tuesday) Motes

Career over: Country star Morgan Wallen has been dropped by a number of radio stations after a video leaked of him using racial slurs during a rowdy night out. Wallen will also no longer be eligible for Academy of Country Music Awards nominations this year. For using 1 word. A work that “rappers” regularly use in their lyrics. Rapper Lil Uzi Vert uses the word quite frequently in his music and his discography has the word sprinkled all over it and he’s made enough money to have a $24 million dollar diamond implanted in  his forehead. But gods forbid a country singer use it after a “rough” night. For the record, this word was used by almost everyone I knew growing up in the 50-60’s. I found it abhorrent then, and still do, but it was in common use. Now, if you’re white and use it, you can lose everything.

Huh: New Biden Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin has called on the U.S. Military services to conduct a 60-day stand-down on the issue of extremism in the military. At this time, the active component of the military, excluding the coast guard, is comprised of about 1.9 millionmen and women, or about 1 percent of the population. Anybody know the percentage of “military” people that were at the Jan 6 “riot”? What do you think, are they going to “talk” about members of the New Black Panther Party, BLM, Antifa, La Raza, Islam, ISIS, or just “white extremism”?

Ashli Babbitt; Remember her name.

Not Chicago: Honolulu police commissioners say they are concerned over the Honolulu Police Department’s treatment of Pacific Islanders, Native Hawaiians and Black people when it comes to use of force and even arrest rates. Members of the commission questioned Police Chief Susan Ballard and her staff over disparities in these areas, they want to know why. I can tell you why, these are the one’s that most often get in fights, resist arrest, and don’t respect the LEO authority. It ain’t rocket science. Considering the police force is comprised of a majority of those same groups, I don’t think it’s a racial thing, it’s a “stupid” thing.

I have no comments of the “super bowl”. I didn’t watch a single minute. Nor did I watch “Equalizer” aftereward. I did see where they performed the “Black National Anthem” which, imho, is racist.

There is no justice: A judge in Oregon agreed to dismiss charges against a hammer attack suspect because the victim wanted to wear a Covid mask while testifying, and that is apparently a violation of the defendant’s right to face his accuser. The victim, Heather Fawcett, had been in fear of Sanchez, as he had vowed to hunt her and her dog down. She cares for her senior parents, who are immune compromised, and she refuses to go anywhere without her Covid mask on. The judge granted the motion to dismiss the case, but then said she didn’t fully understand what was going on. It should also be pointed out that Governor Kate Brown’s mask order remains in effect. This ruling is so ludicrous and ridiculous. And a judge that “doesn’t understand” the law. Gods help us.


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