Start The Week Motes

No imagination: Hollywierd doesn’t seem to have any new idea’s, now they’re talking about a “re-boot” of Frasier, with Kelsey Grammar. I might watch this one.

Sound Familiar:  “Reality Czar”, “Truth Commission” , and “Reality Crises” are terms the New York Times is throwing around. Sounds to me they want anything but truth or reality. And New York’s mayor sounds just like his idol, Hilary, “What matter does it make?” Remember that one? And that was only 4 operators and an Ambassador. Mention the 60,000 dead in NY “care homes’ and he replies, “Who cares”?

That’s different: Well, everyone is jumping on the new #metoo outrage bandwagon and condemning Marilyn Manson. But nobody believed Tara Reade? Does anybody even remember who she claimed had molested her? Anybody? I didn’t think so.

Ashli Babbitt was murdered. He killer isn’t charged.

Sad Good-Bye: Actor Christopher Plummer, 91. Oldest actor to ever win an Oscar at 88. His performance in the recent “Knives Out” was great. His talent will be missed.

Truth doesn’t matter: Reading AOC’s report of how frightened she was during the “insurrection” on Jan 6, I could almost feel sorry for her. I wouldn’t want anyone to have to hide in the back bathroom while the howling mob is outside. Now, it turns out, the “peaceful protesters” were in another building and were never even in her building. Then I remembered her posed performance outside the “ICE children’s cages” and realized she doesn’t have any idea what “truth” really is.

Can anyone tell what the heck is an “Area of Refuge”? And why does an office need one?

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