Friday End of Week Motes

Where’s the outrage: White House press secretary Jen Psaki admitted she treats White House reporters in the briefing room as if they are patients in an insane asylum. “When reporters are getting really loud, or they’re starting to ask crazy questions, I just slow down my pace, and I talk very quietly, and I treat them like I’m an orderly sometimes in an insane asylum,” she said. Can we imagine what the MSM outcry would be if Sarah Sanders had said something like this? Or”I’ll have to circle around back to that”? But since nobody follows up, Psaki, like her bosses, just runs in circles.

Huh: The Department of Justice (DOJ) has announced an investigation into Elon Musk’s SpaceX for hiring too many American-born workers and not enough foreigners. Where does it say in the US Constitution that foreigners have rights to jobs in the US? The complaint was made to the DOJ’s Immigrant and Employee Rights Section. I don’t have anything good to say about Musk or his companies, but this just seems wrong. But gods forbid we should ask about Hunter, China, or voter fraud.

Ashli Babbitt. Remember her name. 

Two wings of the same bird: Donald Trump and his allies lost the first battle for post-election control of the Republican Party Wednesday night – but not without a fight, making clear that the political war within the GOP is nowhere near over.House Republicans voted Wednesday to keep Rep. Liz Cheney in her leadership position despite her January impeachment vote against the now-former president. The secret-ballot vote was overwhelmingly in Cheney’s favor, 145-61. To me thats shows there is now, no difference between the “two parties”. Like I said awhile back, I have seen the last “two party” election in my lifetime. They will say they are different, but they won’t be.

No late-night comments will be made: Last week, Vice President Kamala Harris gave an exclusive interview to a local television news station in West Virginia. In the interview, she reassured West Virginia coal miners that even if their jobs disappear under the Biden administration — and the implication was clear that they would disappear — mine workers could transfer their skills to new industries. She then listed several exciting new careers coal miners could consider. The first of these was, and I quote: “reclaiming abandoned land mines.” Now, I can see this slip of the tongue happening, but I’ll bet there won’t be a single “late night host” make a joke out of it. Crap, I could do 15 minutes and I don’t have any writers.

Not a racist: Hall of Fame basketball player Kareem Abdul-Jabbar argued in a Feb. 1 New York Times op-ed that professional basketball players should be allowed to receive the COVID-19 vaccine sooner than members of the general population. Abdul-Jabbar argued that allowing young NBA players, who are less likely than the elderly to experience COVID-19 complications to receive COVID-19 vaccinations sooner would build trust with black communities. Now, would that be only the young black players, or all the players? How about the NHL? MLB? Abdul-Jabbar, 73, has received his already. I’m 73, I haven’t, but I’m not black and not rich.

In Honolulu this weekend. Whoppeee(Not)

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