Thursday Motes For the Heck of It.

Grow a garden: So what exactly is Bill Gates going to do with 269,000 acres of farmland spanning 19 states?  It takes about 3.25 acres to feed an average person, so as a farm he could feed about 82,769 people. You know that ain’t gonna happen. So just what is he going to do with that land?

There is only one word: YouTuber WhistlinDiesel (Cody Detwiler) is lucky to be alive after he “accidentally” shot himself in the head. The vlogger, who boasts 1.75million subscribers, was shooting metal plates with a .50 caliber gun from just 4ft away, when one of the bullets ricocheted and embedded in his forehead. And he was surprised. The .50 cal shoots a 661 gr. ( about 1 ½ oz) projectile at 2,800 fps delivering 11,169 foot/pounds of impact. When you do something really dumb, on purpose, is it an accident? This dummy shoots it into a steel plate from 4 feet? That’s the “one word”, DUMMY. Okay, the word could also be STUPID.

Ashli Babbitt, remember her name. Her killer has not been identified, but a face in the crowd of the D.C. protest is national news.

Sad Good-Bye: There have been a number lately, but I want to mention Gregory Sierra. He was the first commander in Miami Vice”, (he got killed), and was “Chano” on “Barney Miller”. He will be missed.

Are you ready for the azkissing: “More than two-thirds of Americans approve” of President Biden’s response to the coronavirus pandemic days after he was inaugurated, according to an ABC poll released on Sunday. He’s been in office 4 ½ days. And they polled two-thirds of America? It’s just going to get worse. Oh, and on the “greatest” inauguration speech ever given last week, I’ve never heard a inauguration speech that seemed entirely based on bumper stickers before.

Pot-Kettle black: Representative Eric Swalwell (D-CA) Monday on MSNBC’s “Live” said that Democrats were impeaching former President Donald Trump, so he is convicted in the Senate, which includes a penalty of disqualification from office. So says the guy with the extensive affair with an admitted Chinese espionage agent.

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