Tuesday Is Now Little Wednesday Motes

“Purging” (their word not mine) the National Guard of anyone that doesn’t agree with your politics, is not “unity”.

Always: If a sentence contains the words “raise” and “taxes”, the words “should” and “may” can always be replaced with “will” and still be accurate.

Tell me once again please: dr.Fauci has lied, admitted he lied, covered-up, backpedaled, and lied by omission, but since it was all for our own good and the “safety and security” of the country it’s okay and we should continue to listen to him. Huh? And he is the “highest” paid federal employee, 417,000 dollars a year. We should listen to his advice and guidance. WHY?

Vice-President Harris: In a ceremony filled with artistic creations specifically designed to arouse emotions of patriotism and pride, the 62 seconds that did so most effectively were from a bland, scripted oath of office, administered with the same exchange of words for more than a hundred years. This oath has never been made between two women. For Harris to be sworn in by another woman was breathtaking. It conveyed the message that women’s words can be trusted. Except the part where she slept her way into politics. Or when she said, of a Biden accuser, “I believe her”. But otherwise, we can trust her.

Remember Ashli Babbitt. Her killer still has not been identified.

I find that hard to believe: With data from the cable newsers and the broadcast networks now in from Nielsen, the inaugration of the 46th POTUS topped that of the 45th. Across CNN, MSNBC, Fox News Channel, ABC, NBC and CBS, the 11:45-12: 15 PM ET swearing in ceremony of Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris was seen by about 40 million viewers. That’s a more than 1.5 million jump over what former President Trump pulled in back in 2017 for his oath of office. I really find this hard to believe. Really. Well, maybe with all the unemployed, stay-at-homers, and count the empty airport televisions, okay, maybe. I still don’t believe it.

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