Saturday Story


There did come a time when I told my wife I was done with helping people and taking them into my home. The last one had stolen from us, lied to my wife and me and generally really abused my kindness.

I spent several weeks without trying to help.

Then one Saturday night we were partying at Sand Island and made the acquaintance of a young Marine from K-Bay. (Kaneohe Marine Base)

As the night progressed, it was obvious he’d never get through the main gate without getting busted for DUI.

Since he didn’t have to be on base Sunday I told him he was coming home with us and sleeping on our couch. For some reason, Julie thought this was hilarious. In fact, she laughed all the way to Maile where we lived.

We parked the bikes, I gave Dan a sheet and pillow and showed him where the bathroom was and then I went to bed.

There sat my loving, caring wife. She laughing like one of the insane with the lost loonies so I had to ask what was so damn funny.

She says, “Excuse me but aren’t you the one that said that you weren’t gonna let any more “blanking” people sleep at your “blanking” house ever the “blank” again because people are no “blanking” good and all they “blanking” want to do is “blanking” rip you off? Aren’t you him?”

Hanging my head I sheepishly acknowledged that I had indeed made comments to that effect.

“Then” she began. “Who is that fine young gentlemen asleep on you couch? Is he not a stranger?” By now she isn’t even trying to hide the smile or the sarcasm.

Guys, when she has you beat from the first move, fall on your knees and beg forgiveness. Because if you try to talk or rationalize your way out like I did, you just get beat up more. Like I did.

Dan and I became good friends, he had my back more than once over the years often sleeping on my couch because we were too drunk to let him go home.

He was a good Marine, he is a fine Brother, and he will always be my friend.

So sometimes you gotta take that chance on someone. Don’t let the “blankety blanks” keep you from meeting the good folks in your life.

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