Thursday Motes For Me, and Thee

Only death and taxes: Frenchwoman Jeanne Pouchain has an unusual problem. She’s officially dead. She has been trying for three years to prove that she is alive. Pouchain’s status has prevented her and her husband, from using their joint bank account. Pouchain’s status as deceased is the result of a 2017 Lyon court decision that deemed her dead even though no death certificate was produced. The decision came at the end of a legal dispute with an employee of Pouchain’s former cleaning company, who was seeking compensation after losing her job 20 years ago. So, a former employee took her to court and ended up getting her declared as “deceased”. Man, don’t pizz off the janitor.

Remember Ashli Babbitt.

Fiction or reality: Recently heard a local (Honolulu) commercial for a tour company offering a whale watching tour. A three -hour tour, (cue back-up singers) “a three-hour tour”. (Probably going to hell for that one.)

How about a third party?: I suggest The American Citizens Party, the ACP. 😊 Think it’s about time.

Unintended consequences: Every time the left/Hollywierd/MSM tell Trump voters to sit down and shut up, they create another soldier for the right.  Every time they call the voters deplorable, they cause another to turn into someone determined to maintain their rights. Whenever big media delete another voice, they make one more person speak louder. They keep it up, they’ll cause their own destruction.

Yes, it is: I mentioned the fbi not doing much during the 2020 riots, and a reader took me to task that the “peaceful protesters” had not committed a “federal crime” and the fbi has no jurisdiction. How about crossing state lines to commit crimes (arson, theft, etc.). That is a federal crime, if anyone wants to prosecute. Doesn’t seem anyone does.

Norris and I agree: No, I won’t be watching the “woke” “Walker”. I doubt that Chuck will either.  Nor will I be watching “The Equalizer” remake. Not sorry, not watching.

Prepared for your gas price to skyrocket? Better be.

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