Sunday Rant

Sunday Rant

I believe we have seen the last “2 party” election in my lifetime.

The venom and vitriol being spewed, the consequences being threatened against more than half of the population, and the public humiliation for expressing any political view different than those “in power”.

People expressing conservative values in public are losing their jobs, under the “at will employment” clauses, and being “doxed” for daring to differ. The continuing double standard of law enforcement of the “elite’s” and everyone else. 

The use of Hollywierd and sports “stars” as powerful voices and “influencers” (whatever the hell that is) telling you their 28 million a year is just like your 56 thousand so they “know how you feel” and you should listen to their 36 year-old wisdom.

Legislation designating one specific political group as “domestic terrorists” if they meet in a peaceful group, but not others that publicly state they want to “tear it down”. They are the real peaceful protesters.

Millions of voters had their vote negated by fraud and double (or more) counting of “the other guy’s” votes. The “president-elect” seems content to be the ” * ” president.

Big Tech is regulating who we can talk to, what we can talk about, and what we can or can’t say. Even when we can communicate.

The “state” is already regulating where you can go, how long you can stay there, and telling you what medical procedures you “must” have. And soon, it will be you must carry proof. It’s for “your own safety. “

The “Speaker of the House” seems to be the most powerful person in America. And she seems to hate the majority of Americans

They are burying the past, distorting the truth, and altering reality. Due to all of this, and much more, the “other party” will become the same party in will and action. It will be one party.

Hicks, (Bill Paxton) said it best,” That’s it, man. Game over, man. Game over!”

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