Just Somethings To Say

Use their own tactics against them: Street Artist SABO Triggers the Left With ‘Say Her Name’ Poster of Woman Shot By Police at Capitol Protest.

Yes, there are real Nazi’s: Iconic Portland bookstore Powell’s Books has now become the focal point of the antifa terrorists, as the thugs showed up to protest the store for carrying Andy Ngo’s book. Somehow the bookstore is now all of a sudden of a hub of evil fascists. That’s right, not even the long-time bookstore is immune from antifa’s rage. Powell’s has been an integral part of the Portland community for several decades. Powell’s Books announced Monday it would not carry in its stores a book by the conservative pundit Andy Ngo critical of Portland anti-fascists. At least one employee has been “doxed”. Ironically, Powell’s still sells over 60+ version of Mein Kampf on their website. You know, an actual Nazi book. But the actual Nazi’s are the ones preventing free speech. And trying to regulate what you read.

Okay, one more time: A biker in one state commits a crime, a member of the same club, in another state also commits a crime. These 2 guys don’t know each other. Because they belong to the same club, in different states, the “fed’s” start filing for RICCO* act warrants, the 2 bikers and all the other club members in 4 other states are arrested, they have to spend thousands of dollars in court costs and attorney fees, and many of the lives of the club members are shattered and destroyed. Even after they are all found not guilty of any crime. The MSM applauds. But BLM/Antifa members travel from city to city and state to state, participate in violent “protests”, openly declare their willingness to tear down America, are publicly photographed, and nobody gets arrested. The MSM yawns. We have a two-tier law non-enforcement system. Which tier are you a member?                          * Racketeering Influenced Corrupt Criminal Organization*

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