Thursday Motes For Comment

Did anyone else notice Uncle Joe’s halo? Think this is a coincidence?

Probably the most published photo of Uncle Joe used by the MSM.

Snitch line: Almost every city has a “Covid” snitch line and now the fbi has a snitch line for the “rioters” from D.C. last week. Boy, remember how many people they identified and found by the fbi when the Detroit, Minneapolis, Seattle, and Portland snitch lines worked? Me neither, they never put any out.

Remember Ashli Babbitt.

History re-written: From;”The brazen mob-led attack on the U.S. Capitol last week forced a sudden pivot from planned lessons in some Hawaii classrooms to discussion of the violent siege. In an AP English class at McKinley High School, a planned Thursday discussion on the book, “Into the Wild,” shifted to a spontaneous hour-long dialogue about the previous day’s events in Washington, D.C. “A bulk of my students said they wanted to talk about current events,” the teacher said. “Most shared how they’re feeling: sad, disappointed, embarrassed for our country.” I wonder, does/did the class discuss the other 44 “protests” in the Capitol since 2016? At least 17 of those resulted in property damage, injury, and deaths. Do they discuss the causes and perpetrators of these? Do they discuss how our country is based on protest? I thought not. Do they only teach/discuss things as the “teacher” guides them? That’s what I thought.

Weekend score: Chicago, 31 shot, 5 dead. So, how’s that lockdown working for you?

When did it happen: Can anyone tell me when the “Speaker of the House” became the, seemingly, most powerful person in America”? Someone who can “demand” things, threaten dire consequences, and do so without repercussions.

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