Monday Motes, Not War Yet

Go watch: Watched the final episodes of “Vikings”. Wow. During the whole run, I sat in awe.  Lagertha’s funeral was one of most spectacular show’s I ever watched. Ragnar was a MAN. Bijorn was a worthy son. Ivar was the one everyone loved to hate. I will be watching the whole thing again and again. Hey, you know why there were so many beautiful Viking women? Vikings didn’t bring back any ugly captives. (I know, I’m going to hell for that one.)

They really don’t want to start this: “Please just fucking shoot them all. Please,” said Rod Blackhurst, speaking of the “protesters” in D.C. “ Shoot ‘em like y’all shoot us,” said rapper Snow Tha Product, stage name of Claudia Alexandra Madriz Meza. Erick Erickson, a conservative blogger and radio host who called Donald Trump a “racist” and “fascist” in 2016, also said that those involved in the discord at the capitol should be shot. Vincent Frank, a sports contributor for Forbes said “Shoot the protesters. Waive the rules. Impeach. Waive the rules, convict. Waive the rules, deny the ability to run for election again,” said Erickson. (He later deleted the tweet.) Where were these people when Portland started, when Detroit exploded, or when Minneapolis erupted? Oh yeah, this is different. Remember, Twitter censored the president during the summer for allegedly suggesting that Antifa and Black Lives Matter-aligned rioters could be shot. Remember, unity.

Just occurred to me : How come nobody ever uses the term “black supremacists”?

Remember Ashli Babbitt.

A sad Goodbye: Ed Bruce, 81, country singer/song writer/actor. His deep voice was unforgettable. He wrote “The Last Cowboy Song, ” Mama’s Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys “, and one of my favorites, ” Girls, Women,and Ladies”. His wonderful songs and beautiful voice, and gentle soul will be missed.

You can count on no fingers: How many “peaceful protests” will be held related to the shooting of Ashli Babbitt? Well, she was conservative and white so I guess, None. Will anybody remember her name in 2 weeks? Funny, at the D.C. protest, the only ones setting things on fire, or shooting, were the police. But this was “deplorable”. We’ll be told endlessly what a problem she was and how she did this or that in the past. You know, like they did for Brianna and George. Sorry. Check your Portland Privledge at the door.

Fantasy or real life: Am I the only one that see’s the resemblance between Uncle Joe and the “Walter the Grouch” puppet? And like Walter, when Joe speaks, you can’t see Kamala’s lips move.

Yes, I got a ride in on New Year’s Day. And yes, it rained.

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