First Friday Of 2021 Motes

I have the answer: Washington, D.C., Mayor Muriel Bowser responded to Rep. Lauren Boebert’s (R-CO) concealed carry video, suggesting Boebert “incites violence” by talking about carrying her Glock in the city.  In the video, Boebert detailed why she carries a gun for self-defense and said she will carry one in D.C. because the city is “one of the “top 10 most dangerous cities in our country,” where the homicide rate and violent crimes “are skyrocketing.” Hey Mayor. You don’t want “my video” to incite “violence”? Then leave me the hell alone and there won’t be any violence. Honest.

Prediction: When Biden takes office e there will be a lot of E.O.’s (Executive Orders) come out. With the emphasis on doing without U.S. oil (shale, fracking, and new pipelines etc) Oil will be 73-76 dollars a barrel. Gold and silver are going to be at all time highs as Trump supporters start buying to hedge their survival supplies. I predict this will all happen by 3/31.

“Entertainment” Headlines in the Huffington Post: “Late-night host Jimmy Kimmel called out President Donald Trump as well as those who’ve enabled him after a day of political violence rocked Washington.” “Seth Meyers says President Donald Trump must be ousted from office.” “Tonight Show” host Jimmy Fallon dropped the jokes for part of his show to deliver a moving statement about the attack on the nation’s capital.” “James Corden lamented the “crazy, sad day,” saying it would “go down as a dark one in the long history of America.” Okay, when do I get entertained?

Don’t watch: Watched “The Hunt” last night. To sum it up in one word, stupid. And that’s my last comment on it.

Moral High ground: Boy, Uncle Joe sure came out against the “Trump” violence at the National Capital, Wednesday. I remember when Biden/Harris came out and denounced the Antifa riots in Portland, condemned the BLM violence in Minneapolis, and prayed for the end of violence in Detroit. Of wait, no I don’t because they didn’t. Moral “high ground” my ass. Only when it fits their desired narrative.

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