Sunday Rant

In a recent “Letter to the Editor”, a Honolulu man opined, “The vaccine will not help Hawaii or Oahu unless every person getting a COVID-19 vaccine gets a card to carry.”(Star Advertiser 12/18/20) Many of our “representatives” in many states have expressed the same thoughts. That’s a great idea, to come out to say everyone must get the Covid-19 vaccination. Some people want it to be okay for your company to say, “Get the shot or you’re fired“.

Some want everyone to carry a card to prove you’ve gotten the shot. But those cards are so hard to dig out of your wallet, why don’t we all just wear the “shot card” around our necks on a lanyard so everyone can see it. Or better, when you get your shot, the doctor’s office will give you an arm band to proudly wear. Or even better, we can all have a bar code tattooed on our forearm to prove we are of the “vaccinated” class.

Let’s not ignore all the “special” phone lines you can use to report your neighbor’s misdoings. You know, more than 6 “non-family” members. Oh hell, you don’t know their family, report all of them. Who knows, maybe they will get locked up, loose their job, and you can buy their house real cheap.

And not wearing a mask, call it in. Snitch them them all.

And you don’t need identification to vote.

How’d all that work in 1939?

I didn’t call you a Nazi.

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