Merry Christmas

I’m in Hilo doing my best to do nothing at all.

“Rejoice, for unto you is born a Savior.”

Merry Christmas from Julie, Issabeau, and me:

Jamie, Jon, Lori, Marshall, Becca, Evan ( did I mention how proud I am of these “kids”), Don and Viv, Danny and Cheryl, Denny and Linda Lou, Adam and Holly, Abby at the vet’s in fact the whole Vet’s office and staff, Anna’s Ashley, Miss Dot and Big Joe, Helen of Helen’s Cab, Dr. Celia, Curt, Danny in Vegas, cousin Dick and family, Dr. Perry and staff, Dwayne and Gisselle in Hilo, Atty Ed, Mika and Momo, all the VNV M/C and Legacy Vet’s, Carline and Michael, Henry F., Ikaika and family, Bro Newberry and family, Jimmy Takahashi and Syd, Joe Monroe and Kimmy, Kimberly, Tristan, Dell and all those loved one’s from Anna’s and Irish Rose and O’Toole’s, Ken, Noel, Kenny, and Ashley Onion, Dr. Linda Wong, Marchand, Mr. Dillon, Mike Woundy, Re-Pete, Jesse and her whole clan, Scotty , all my Vago Brothers, my fellow Su-Mo employees, Terry Watkins, Lawson and Associates, Wynn and Safety Systems, Zach and his mom Kimber, Philo and Sonja, and to the families of all those we’ve lost this year.

Merry Christmas

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