Ooops – Mid Week Motes

 A  lie is a lie. Loudness and conviction are not measures of truth.  Saying something over and over does not make it true.  Truth is the stuff we can independently verify from multiple original sources, based on research and not opinion. It doesn’t matter how times you count fraudulent votes, they’re still fraudulent.

It’s a talent: Wokesters complain when a straight person plays someone gay, when a person who can hear portrays a hearing-impaired character, when a Caucasian actor plays someone from any other ethnic group. People, that’s why they call it ACTING.

I am: Is anyone else tired, bone tired, of hearing about officials telling you not to do this, then going out and doing that? I am. If it weren’t for hypocrisy, some politicians wouldn’t have standards. I like a good hooker, but unlike politicians, there ARE some things a hooker won’t do.

We need unity: The night before the vice president was set to get the COVID-19 shot on live TV, Kimmel explained why we “should save that dose for someone else.” “The only cure Mike Pence should get right now is a bottle of Clorox and a heat lamp.”  An ethics expert suggested that “whiter” elderly Americans should not be prioritized for coronavirus vaccines in order to “level the playing field a bit.” Jennifer O’Malley Dillon, aide to Uncle Joe called Republicans a “bunch of fuckers. But you know, we need to come together.

They don’t really care about you and me: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi doesn’t care about middle class Americans who are suffering because of authoritarian Covid lockdown orders. While Americans suffered, Pelosi was getting her hair done. Pelosi on Monday called the $600 direct payment checks to suffering Americans “significant.” This is a curious reversal from January of 2018 when Pelosi called $2,500 employee bonuses stemming from Trump’s tax cuts “insignificant crumbs.”

Do strippers wear Covid masks at the end of the dance?

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