Motes For A Mid-week day

I have an idea: You want to do something in Congress? How about you write a bill, that says everything in any purposed bill, that spends taxpayer money, has to have something to do with the bill. You know, like if it’s a “roadway bill”, we don’t include payments for the Kennedy Center, if it’s an “aid bill”, it doesn’t include money for planned parenthood. Or maybe we don’t include “big tech” protections included in a “military spending” bill. You know, make it match the act. What a concept.

It begins: With no prospect of Bill or Hillary Clinton resuming high office, one former key insider of the Clinton Machine is spilling his guts and telling very unflattering stories about the family business.  Doug Band, who began as a White House intern, moved on the become “body man” and then key aide, went on to mastermind the post-presidency enrichment of the Clintons and (not incidentally) himself.  Now he has unburdened himself from various sleazy secrets of the Clinton empire with a series of interviews that has resulted in long article in Vanity Fair authored by Gabriel Sherman.  I urge you to read the whole thing if you’ve got a strong stomach.

Just asking, Hilary: How long before one of the “voter fraud” whistleblowers has a “Clintonesque” accident? Or commits’ “arkancide”?

Sorry Daily Caller: I don’t care how great you think Liam Neeson’s new movie “The Marksman” is going to be. Neesons big mouth on how America has too many guns and how the government should take them all away turns me off. Then, when he shows his absolute hypocrisy by continuing to make movies where he continues to use guns to kill lots of people, it turns me off. Let’s just leave it at that. My blood pressure is high enough.

A sad Good-bye the the great Chuck Yeager. His accomplishments and firsts are just too long to mention. I remember some of them from my youth and service. His courage, service will be missed. Now, he sits at the table of Heros.

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