Tuesday Motes To Ponder

Only goes one way: A member of an “Outlaw Motorcycle Club” commits a crime in Nevada. Another member of the same club commits a crime in Hawaii. These two guys don’t even know each other. Under the U.S. Federal RICCO laws, ALL club members, in ALL states can, and have been, arrested and charged with violation of the “Racketeering Influenced Corrupt Criminal Organization” act. Shouldn’t members of the Democrat party be arrested and charged? But there is no “widespread” voter fraud.

It’s different now: On May 9, 2019 Alyssa Milano said she intended to honor the film production boycott of Georgia that she and dozens of other celebrities petitioned for after the state’s governor signed the controversial “heartbeat” abortion restriction into law.  Now. Milano, who led the call to boycott Georgia, is there to sway the electorate. “We need you, Georgia” and “it’s so important to elect Ossoff & Warnock,” she tweeted.

If he, decides he is she, and she is married to her, does that make him a lesbian?

But it’s “peaceful protesting”: Protesters gathered outside Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti’s home Wednesday for the ninth consecutive day in an attempt to persuade President-elect Joe Biden not to appoint Garcetti to his cabinet. Black Lives Matter-Los Angeles and Ground Game LA have vowed to conduct a demonstration every day until Biden commits to not appointing Garcetti to the cabinet. Garcetti has repeatedly said he has not sought a position with the Biden administration. I’m waiting for the “peaceful looting reparations”.

Daily Beast headline: “The UFO Cult That Preached castration and Mass Suicide”. Where are they now? Actually, the article was behind a paywall so I didn’t read it, and I made up the question.

Right wing, left wing, they’re both part of the same buzzard.

Sometimes I’m ashamed of my species: A Russian YouTuber has been arrested for allegedly livestreaming a horrifying video in which his near-naked, pregnant girlfriend died after his viewers paid to see her abused. Stas Reeflay, 30, forced Valentina “Valya” Grigoryeva, 28, who was wearing only underwear, into the subzero cold after a viewer paid him $1,000 to carry out the sickening act. Reeflay  continued recording even after he realized that his girlfriend was “half dead” . In a previous broadcast, the boyfriend from hell, who receives online donations for his sick stunts, showered her with pepper spray, according to a news outlet. So this sick azz did demented things to his girlfriend because other people paid him to let them watch. Yes, she was stupid to stay, but he is just evil. You don’t see animals killing their mate for the pleasure of another. But humans are “advanced”. Horse pucky.

So Uncle Joe wants us to wear a mask for 100 days if he is inaugurated. Is that 100 days in addition to the 340 days we’ve already worn them, or do we get a break between?

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