Monday Mini-Motes

Got a load of one or two liners.

It’s a conspiracy: Trump witness; “Fraud witness also believes ghosts are haunting his family. Jesse Morgan became a mini-hero on the right after testifying about ballot fraud. His past claims are similarly dubious.” If you can’t attack the message, attack the messenger.

Remember what I said about “hypocrisy”: Well, San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors voted Tuesday to ban smoking in apartment buildings with three or more units. This is an effort to protect residents from secondhand smoke, and extends the existing ban on smoking in common spaces like stairwells to inside apartments and condos. Medical and recreational marijuana use would not be banned under the ordinance.

To the president elect’s “Surgeon General pick: Hey dummy, “guns” are not a “public health issue”.

To the “president-elect”: No Joe, wearing a mask is not the same as going into battle in WW II or Korea.

Movie suggestion: Lots of people talking about Ron Howard’s “Hillbilly Eulogy”. If I may, I highly suggest you watch “Winter’s Bone” as well.

Just asking: Who the hell names their restaurant “French Laundry”?

Personal note: On a Sunday, the first Sunday, in 1976 I straddled a stretched out, rigid-framed customized H-D Sportster, strapped a couple of teddy dears to the girder front end, and took part in my first Street Bikers United, Toys For Tots parade. We had maybe 150 riders, but man it felt good. In 1996, on the first Sunday in December, as SBU president, I led 2,000 bikers through Waikiki and we filled 3 USMC “duce and a half” trucks with toys. This year, there was no parade. I am sad.

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