Sunday Rant

There are sworn statements of eye witness’ stating they saw ballots being thrown away and not counted, ballots that appeared to be “xerox” copies, truck drivers delivering “ballots” to three different states, pictures of people given “prizes” for voting, dozens of absentee military ballots all with a 1/1/1900 dob, repeated claims of persons dead having cast ballots, curious “spikes” in ballots being counted between the same specific time frames in multiple locations, hundreds of thousands of ballots that were only for the presidential election, and statistical anomalies too large to be explained.

These would appear to be criminal acts and as such would be investigated. The United States Attorney General has declared the was “no voter fraud”.

There is no voter fraud.  So basically Bill Barr, head of the Department of “Justice”, is saying  these hundreds of people who have filed these sworn affidavits and given committee testimony alleging vote fraud, are all liars and should be charged with perjury. We’ll wait.

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