No, It’s Not Friday Motes

Gotta love karma: An L.A. man broke into his ex-girlfriend’s home, with evil intent. Intent? Yes, he was strangling her when her mother and sister began to defend her by beating him with a golf club and stabbing him with kitchen knives.  He was dead at the time the police arrived. Due to circumstances preceding the death, the police said no charges were filed on the mother and sister. But they did get a 2-stroke penalty for using the wrong club.

Chicago over the weekend; 37 shot, 9 dead.

New job choice: A transgender New York City woman who was arrested in a prostitution sting eight years ago is running for city council, The New York Post reported. Elisa Crespo, 30, was arrested in Jacksonville, Florida, in November of 2012 after allegedly posting a prostitution ad on the internet only to be met by a pair of undercover cops posing as men seeking oral sex. Crespo, who claims to be “no longer engaged in sex work,” blamed the arrest on “a lack of job opportunities for trans women of color”. Well, there’s always politics.

Why is it when hired soldiers work in Africa, they’re “mercenaries” and when any place else they’re “military contractors”?

Unintended consequences: Friend of mine always looks forward to Christmas. He spends the holidays portraying Santa at malls, private parties, and private gatherings. On a normal year he would be booked solid from 11/28 to 12/24, sometimes two or three events a day. This year he has 3 small bookings, two at private business gatherings.  3. That’s all.

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