It’s Friiiidaaay Motes, At Last

Sad Good-byes: Ben Bova, 88. One of the last “classic” sci-fi authors. He wrote over 100 books, edited numerous sci-fi magazines, and mentored new authors. I remember that his works were some of the earliest I read. His talent and vision will be missed. And to World Wrestling superstar Pat Patterson, 79. Inducted into the “Hall of Fame” in 1996 Patterson is considered the first openly gay professional wrestler in a career spanning 6 decades.

If it wasn’t for hypocrisy, politicians wouldn’t be consistent on anything.

Sigle digit salute: Haven’t awarded one for a while, but I got to give one to “Slate” for their referring to the First lady as a “Famed Christmas Witch Melania Trump”. I am so tired of the national disrespect shown FLOTUS. To Slade, its editor and writer, I say,    .!..    salute.

How embarrassing: In Hungary, a noted anti-gay lawmaker was caught naked, sliding down a drainpipe, trying to escape a police raid on what was described as a 25-man orgy in Brussels. In true politician manner, Jozsef Szajer, a 59-year-old MEP who represented Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s ruling Fidesz party, apologized in a statement Tuesday for breaching restrictions meant to combat the spread of COVID-19. See entry #2.

Time to heal: You lazy, gun loving, bible thumping, troglodytes. How do we show healing?  By having activists place body bags with anti-Trump messages outside the homes of several Republican senators. But you know, healing.

In Honolulu this weekend, doing laundry, cleaning floors, …oh and drinking. Enjoy Saturday Story and Sunday Rant.

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