Short Mote Friday

How come:  People have no problem believing that Russia influenced the 2016 election, they’ve been talking about it for 3 1/5 years, but they just cannot believe there was anything wrong with the 2020 election. Huh?

Just one more law: Wauwatosa police and now the FBI investigating the shootings inside Mayfair Mall on Friday afternoon. The city Mayor laid all the blame on the shooter violating the mall’s “gun free zone” rule. Yes sir, “if the shooter had just respected the gun free status none of those people would have been shot.” I believe this exceeds to amount of dumb allowed to any one person. You know what they call people in gun free zones? Soft targets.

Don’t forget, you are the only one that can save your family from Covid. Snitch on your neighbors.

Sure: If you voted for Trump, you’re a racist, if you think the election was tampered with you should go to jail, “America first” is no way for an American to think, cops beat black people just because they’re black, if you don’t vote democrat illegal aliens will die, and suggesting people move to a state just to vote is not illegal. Now is the time for “healing”.

Optimum word here: Failed Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams announced Monday that “more than 750,000 Georgians have requested their ballots” for the Senate runoff election. My question is, How Does She Know? She’s not an election official. She has no authority and since she is involved in a “voting rights” group that has already spent a reported 2.7 million dollars promoting Demo candidates, I’d say she has a partisan position and should not be getting this information. Or does she just make it up?

Additional info: I mentioned the fraudulent overtime submitted by the Honolulu “Covid Enforcement Unit”, now we are told that of all the citations that unit issued, and it was in the tens of thousands, only 1 in 50 actually results in any action. Monday the courts dismissed almost 60,000 citations. Seems like a lot of wasted effort.

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