It’s Friggin’ Monday, Again

Maybe It’ll just go away: In April 2019, J. Marte Maretinez, the woman in charge of training more than 1,500 of Hawaii’s deputy sheriffs and adult corrections officers (DPS) faced public scrutiny for allegedly being dishonest about her job qualifications. She had advanced quickly within the department and had been promoted three times in five years. It was alleged that her training and education certifications were all false. None of the schools she claimed could verify she had ever attended. Then, the whole thing seemed to vanish. No court, no action, no news coverage or reports. That is until 11/8/20, where a Lt. “Marte Martinez” with an Oregon DPS is under investigation, “as well as the questionable status of a lieutenant from the department’s management team. Lt. Marte Martinez was placed on administrative leave for undisclosed reasons at the beginning of the school year and is still off the job.” This also happens to be the school the “Hawaii” Martinez claimed her degrees were from. Hummmmm She was probably allowed to resign, join another department, and everybody hoped the problem would just go away. SOP.

Uh, no: Foreign Minister Abdullatif al-Zayani of Bahrain has said in an exclusive interview that he expects the Biden administration to consult Bahrain and other Gulf countries before moving toward a new nuclear deal with Iran.  Already the rest of the world is telling “the office of the president elect” what to do. The problem is, she’ll listen.

It could be worse: Peru swore in its third president in just over a week on Tuesday, after the nation’s unstable political system crumbled spectacularly. Francisco Sagasti became the fourth Peruvian president in less than five years. Sagasti will now have five months in office to steady the ship ahead of presidential elections in 2021. We thought it was bad every 4 years.

An actor I like: Kurt Russell maintains that Hollywood stars should not wade into politics publicly, as doing so only hurts their craft. That is not to say Russell believes that stars should not be well informed, it would just behoove them to keep their opinions to themselves. Man, I knew he was more than just a great mustache.

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