Second Monday Motes


The hypocrisy is large in this: Gina Carano has her own opinions. She is free to express them. Except when it isn’t the opinion of the site “We Got This Covered”, then she should be fired. It’s okay for the ex-Mr. Rosanne Barr, Michael Rappaport, or dozens of others to bully, threaten the sitting President, and anyone who supports him but gods forbid Gina from standing up for herself.

Oregon is the new Florida: The COVID “CARES Act” bailout money is being doled out to Oregon strippers, hookers, and lap dancers. Oregon, which may have the nation’s most elastic free speech code, announced that strippers and other “sex workers” are eligible for COVID relief funds because they have nowhere else to turn and are falling through the cracks in the pandemic. And you thought there might be waste, fraud, and abuse in the system.

Covid photo op: Here in Honolulu, the current Mayor came in 5th in the election. So now he’s talking about his 2022 run for the Governor’s office. Never one to miss a photo op, he was recently pictured while giving 2 visitors the proper mask, while they were on the beach, by themselves. Looking at the front-page picture, there doesn’t seem to be anyone within 30-40 feet. Yeah, can’t wait to vote him governor.

It was bound to happen: “Fake coronavirus test results being sold on black markets to tourists”. I remember years ago when there was a huge market for phony auto insurance cards. They went for about $25.00 and you could use a typewriter to fill them in. Now, it’s easier to get the insurance. I can’t understand someone needing a phony “Covid Test” result. There’s no place I want to go that bad.

Best headline: After snapping his fingers to destroy half of the galaxy, Thanos urges unity and working together.

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