Motes of Monday Re-do

Wow, spent the whole weekend reading about the “Trumper’s” riots happening all over the country. The fires, the looting, and the street-side assaults, it’s just awful. And the name calling and threats against those that voted differently. And all the super-spreader events held. Wow. Actually I spent the weekend watching “Taxi” and “Night Court”. And laughing my butt off, they still hold up.

Good news: My Mom didn’t vote for Biden this election. Why good news? She died in 2016.

Just asking: If one report of fraud is not enough to instigate an investigation, how many does it take?  One group reported over 2,100 people who were “deceased” had voted. The MSM says it was simply people with the same name. A mail employee says he was told to change date received so the ballot would be counted. Inspectors says he told them it was not what he saw. Mathematicians say the statistic curve is so far out, it’s a roller coaster not a curve. If even one report is true, and is proven, that should be enough to trigger a full investigation. There is no “Office of the President Elect”. It doesn’t exist. And you’re not “President Elect” until the electoral college says so.  

No vacation paradise: Images of terrified protesters fleeing police and gunfire have shaken one of Mexico’s top beach resorts and dealt another blow to a tourism industry already reeling from the coronavirus pandemic. The crackdown on Monday in front of Cancun city hall, where hundreds were demonstrating against the murder of a local woman, sparked national outcry and protests in Mexico City. Three people were injured when police fired in the air for several minutes and chased the mostly female demonstrators. “Fired in the air”, remember what goes up must come down. I personally know 2 people that have been injured by falling bullets.

 Ooops: A UK man with a phobia of water was found dead in a swimming pool after his estranged wife butt-dialed him while flirting with another man, according to a report. Gareth Rees, 49, was house-sitting for a millionaire pal in August when he got the errant call from Claire Rees as she held a “sexually suggestive” conversation with her new lover. When the wife realized that she was sharing her romantic talk with her horrified hubby, she raced to the house where she found his boozed-up, lifeless body in the water, the paper reported. Remember what I keep saying, act as if they are listening. Because they are listening.

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