Motes To Weekend By

I got to thinking Wednesday: I wonder how long it will be until some “progressive” azzhole decides it’s too much trouble to have a holiday, Veterans day, in the middle of the week. They’ll decide to just make it the second Friday of November so we can all “enjoy” another three-day weekend. “A man that does not honor his traditions, has no honor.”

Train to live: At least 50 people have been beheaded by militant Islamists in northern Mozambique, according to multiple reports on Monday. The militants, who are allegedly linked to the Islamic State (ISIS), conducted a series of attacks on villages in the country in recent days. At least one village saw a sports field turned into an “execution ground,” where the attackers decapitated and chopped bodies. The “failure drill” was originally called “the Mozambique” “Two in the chest, one in the head. Then you know the fxxxr ‘s dead.”  

King, not President: Joe Biden plans to hit the ground running on his first day in the White House with designs on enacting four executive orders, rolling back President Trump’s efforts on a number of issues. In other words, he’ll issue “mandates” in the form of executive orders, by-passing the legislative process. The only thing standing in the way of Biden and his radical executive orders will be the much-maligned John Roberts and the U.S. Supreme Court. E.O.’s aren’t new. J.F.K. issued 214, J. Carter did 320, Clinton 364, Obama only issued 276, and Trump 194. But the leader was F.D.R. with 3,728.

Beware: A touching video showing a former ballet dancer, Marta C. González, afflicted with memory loss gracefully dancing as she hears the music from Tchaikovsky’s ballet Swan Lake has gone viral worldwide. The video was recently shared by the Asociación Música para Despertar, a Spanish organization that promotes music therapy for those afflicted by memory loss, dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. It truly is touching. The problem is, it is apparently not González dancing — and the archival performance is not of Swan Lake, either. The clips are of a former prima ballerina from Russia’s Mariinsky Ballet, Uliana Lopatkina.  In common terms, a hoax to raise money. A lie is a lie, no matter how good your intention. A lie for profit, is a damn lie.

Heading to Hilo for the weekend. Nothing special planned. Enjoy the Saturday story, read the Sunday Rant. Stay aware. Stay safe.

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