Thursday Motes For You

A sad good-bye: Norm Crosby, the deadpan mangler of the English language who thrived in the 1960s, ’70s and ’80s as a television, nightclub and casino comedian, has died. He was 93. “I was looking around for fresh ideas, and I kept hearing people misuse words,” he told an interviewer in 1989. “So I started to use it in my act.” he said people “should have an apathy for one another; they should have rappaport for each other.” Today’s kids, he said, “gotta cut that umbrella cord and split.” I remember Crosby from those days, and let’s face it, literally every comedian loves to use words wrong. He will be missed.

Not the answer: Michelle Obama tweeted Saturday that Democrats should reach out to Trump voters even though they supported “lies, hate, chaos, and division.” Yes, the best way to way to “heal” is call the other side “liars” and “haters”. Oh, and be sure to tell everyone on the “other side” about the lists they appear on. That’ll make everyone feel better about healing. That’ll heal everything. Sorry, no.

WTF: Heard about a study regarding electric vehicle. This study claims 70% of families with 6-13-year-old children “consult” with them before making a decision on a new vehicle. WHAT? Sorry, a 6-13-year-old child is just that, a child. I don’t consult “children” before making an “adult” decision.

Make them play by their own rules: How long before we start the investigation on if Biden’s threat to withhold US funds, unless a prosecutor was fired, as an impeachable offense? I say lets wait until January 15th, 2021. Can we make it last 3 years? Of course, we can.

“King White”?       Rrrrraaaacccciiiiissssstttttt  !!!!!!

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