Tuesday Motes To Ponder

What can go wrong: They are talking about allowing Honolulu Police officers to collect on the spot payments when citing citizens for not wearing a mask. Without going into the Constitutional violations, having a cop collect fines “on the spot”. What could go wrong with that? Seems to me that’s the way they do it “down south”.

Not President yet: Nobody has decided Biden has won. That will not be decided untiul the “Electorial College” meets and votes. So let’s stop calling him president-elect Biden. And there will be a lot of legal stuff before then. I have an idea, let’s have another vote. Only one thing on the ballet. Trump or Biden. Period. Nothing else. All votes submitted in a three-day spread. All votes must be verified. All voters must be verified as alive, and must be “legal” voters . No last minute 300k found votes. Watchers from both parties at all counting places. 

You just got to look hard: If you take a walk through the forests of Australia’s east coast, you might come across the greater glider — a possum-sized marsupial with big ears and a long furry tail, that glides from tree to tree. Until last week, the glider was classified as a single species, but a new study found that it was actually three different ones, marking the discovery of two new marsupial species. Can the “re-discovery” of the Tasmanian Tiger be far off? I hope not.

Love(Head)Line: A French priest who was shot outside his church, was the victim of his lover’s jealous husband, according to prosecutors. The husband insisted he did not intend to kill the priest when he blasted him with a sawn-off shotgun that he later tossed away. Sure, I always use a “sawed-off shotgun” to not kill someone.

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