Monday Motes, Still Waiting

Fur coats will be cheap: Remember back on October 15, I mentioned Denmark was “culling” the mink farms by about 2.5 million animals due to a “coronavirus”. Well, now it’s 17 million after researchers discovered the animals harbor new mutations of the virus that threaten the effectiveness of a future vacine and which are now spreading to humans. This will effectively kill the mink business in Denmark. It has been linked to at least 214 human “positives”. Unintended consequences.

Election fraud: When there are hundreds of thousands of votes, and not one is for your opponent, I find it beyond suspicious. It is statistically impossible. I find it even more suspicious when all the votes are “found” and/or delivered after the polls close. It ain’t right. To put things in a different light, they ” found” 140,000 votes. That equals 77.7 FEET of votes.

A sound political choice: Congratulations to Wilbur, a French Bulldog elected msayor of Rabbit Hash KY.  Rabbit Hash has never had a human mayor. And are probably better off.

Scott free: Russian lawmakers submitted a draft bill that could grant former presidents lifelong immunity from criminal prosecution beyond their terms of office, state-run news agency TASS reported Thursday. Such a bill would give current President Putin protection from prosecution if and when he decides to leave office. I didn’t know the U.S. had such a law but with all those not being indicted me must have one.

I really don’t care: Rapper Iggy Azalea took to social media to express hatred for President Donald Trump, telling her 7.7 million Twitter followers that “if you like him: I hate you too.” Well, that sure throws a wrench into my social life. Oh wait, I don’t really care what “Rapper Iggy Azalea” thinks about me.

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