Thursday Regular Motes

Who’s causing the division: I get really tired of being labeled a “red-neck”, a deplorable, or a cowboy, as if that is a bad thing. The “elites” are the one’s pushing the division.  Lady Gaga can kiss my, truck. Rob Reiner can stuff it up his, chimney. Cher, just shut up.

Hope: I make no secret of how I feel about Maxine Waters(D-CA). I think she is crazy, a hypocrite, a liar, a divider, not a nice person and certainly nobody I want to “represent” me or my family. She is being challenged by a 13-year Navy veteran, and someone who really lives in the district, Joe Collins. His ad says; “she does not drink our water, she does not breathe our air and while she sits here, in her mansion, our district is in ruins.” Wish I could have voted for him. It appears she beat him easily. Shame.

And the fbi can’t find them: From “The Federalist”; “In the last week, I participated in a series of online seminars with Shut Down DC on implementing our “Strategic framework for action following the 2020 election”. During the training on de-escalation, I learned in what circumstances it is permissible to “punch a Nazi in the face.” “If a black woman in a wheelchair wants to punch a Nazi in the face,” the training coordinator said, “It is not your job to[JP1]  stop her. It is her God-given right to punch a Nazi in the face.” “Nazi” is just another term for “Trump supporter,” by the way.” But the fbi will investigate the Trump parade in Texas. Did I miss something here?

A look into the future?: Ugandan opposition presidential candidate Bobi Wine was arrested on Tuesday after handing in his nomination papers to the election body, his party’s spokesman said. Wine, 38, a  whose real name is Robert Kyagulanyi, aims to end Yoweri Museveni’s  more than a third of a century in power, which makes him Africa’s third longest-ruling president. Elections are scheduled for February next year. “They (police) used a hammer and broke the windows of his vehicle and forcefully dragged him out … they bundled him into their own vehicle and took off,” Joel Senyonyi, spokesman for the National Unity Party, said, adding he did not know why Wine was arrested. Wine’s twitter  said he was “violently arrested” outside the nomination venue and has been “brutalised by police and military.”

I am heartened by the “new bloods” that has been elected. The founders did not intend “public service” to be a life time career.


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