Smile, Friday Motes Are Here

OMG, why: “Crocs Inc.”, the parent company responsible for those “shoes” that everyone, except those wearing them, seem to hate, has seen its stock (CROX) climbing steadily for the past 2 months. I have even seen a pair that had “safety” toes. Yuk.

Class Act: While the roll-call vote was being conducted, Hirono could be seen walking up to the table and entering her vote against Barrett by saying “hell no” while putting her thumb down. Hirono, who opposed Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation in 2018, asked Barrett “Since you became a legal adult, have you ever made unwanted requests for sexual favors or committed any verbal or physical harassment or assault of a sexual nature?” Like I said, a class act.

Note: I live on the eleventh floor. If I can hear your music, or feel the bass, IT’S TOO DAMN LOUD.

A protest about the protest: An apparent disagreement over protest leadership broke out in Philadelphia Tuesday night between BLM and Antifa protesters. Following the squabble, the two factions decided to go separate ways. Someone finally talked sense into them by pointing out there were more than enough stores for everyone to loot. The 2 groups did agree on one thing, so they all jumped a couple of cops and punched out some reporters. The unrest began after two officers shot and killed an armed Black man suspect. Nothing says “change the system” like looting  Walmart for a big screen tv.

Law enforcement my azz : The Honolulu Police announced they were so over worked they would not be conducting “follow-up” investigations on non-violent burglary and thefts. They have issued a huge number of citations over the state mask mandate, with a top fie of $5,000.00. Of the 38k citations that have reached the end of the system, 850 have resulted fines. The other 37,150 were DISMISSED. Don’t even think about how much time (tax money) was wasted here, you’ll only get mad.

Gotta comment: This “non”- story about the Biden business dealings is beginning to read like an episode of “Law and Order”, now with stolen/missing documents, partners turned snitch, and the MSM doing its best to ignore the whole thing.

In Hilo this weekend. I hope you enjoy the Story and read the Rant.

Be aware. Be prepared. Be safe.

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