Thursday, or Little Friday, Motes

It was just a matter of time: The New Yorker writer and CNN analyst Jeffrey Toobin  was allegedly caught masturbating in a call with some of the magazine’s biggest names, and has been suspended from the publication. “I believed I was not visible on Zoom. I thought no one on the Zoom call could see me. “ Okay, nobody can see you, is it so important you need to get off right now?

Dude, we wish you the best: It has been announced that Jeff Bridges hhas been diagnosed with lymphoma. “Although it is a serious disease, I feel fortunate that I have a great team of doctors and the prognosis is good.” Cancer doesn’t care what religion you are, what politics you follow, or how you’ve lived your life, it strikes without compassion or mercy.   This one hits hard, and I think I can speak for fans everywhere when I say that we’re all pulling for Jeff Bridges.

A little common sense: I’m getting tired of hearing how one “supporter” did this or that to another “supporter” and it’s the fault of the “candidate” because he “encourages” this type of action. Come on people, nobody “encourages” someone to spit on a car, burn down a store, or hang a noose in front of your dorm. These are personal choices made by an individual all on his own. But since it doesn’t promote “the cause”, you can’t blame the individual, so you want blame the guy who really had no control over what was done. Use a little common sense, when you run into a butthead, and he acts like a butthead, it’s because he’s a butthead. No matter who he wants to vote for.

Sounds “iffy” to me: Alexandra Astavina, 39, was found dead at her flat in Moscow after she was stung by a wasp on her lip while taking a sip from a carton of juice. Ms Astavina had been speaking to a friend on the phone at the time and told him she had been stung. Emergency services forced entry into Ms Astavina’s house and found her dead on the sofa. They also found a wasp “convulsing on the table” at her flat. Ms Astavina joined the Russian Green Party in 2007 and had been an ecology campaigner since she was a child. Now, I’m not given to conspiracies, but I’ve never found a wasp hiding in a juice carton. Common knowledge, a little advanced planning, and soft execution, and this could be the perfect murder.

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