Witty Wednesday Motes

I don’t understand these people: Joe Scarborough, whoever the hell that is, says history will look back on the Trump rallies with the same eye as we look at the “Salem Witch trials”. Huh? For crying pout loud, just how out of touch are you?

Under paid: Fifteen Portland Police Bureau (PPB) employees made more than $200,000 in the department’s 2020 fiscal year after a record-breaking month for overtime pay in June amid riots. Three top-earning officers for the 2020 fiscal year amassed overtime that exceeded their base salaries. Approximately 730 out of 1,300 PPB employees made over $100,000. I don’t think I ever made more than $40K, with overtime and special duty, in any one year as a cop. Wow.

Ever noticed, there are no Harley’s parked outside therapist’s office’s.

All over: I guess all the fires in Calipornia are out since there doesn’t seem to be any reports. I saw several reports the fires were all caused by “Climate Change”. I believe Texas has as much woodland as Cali, and they didn’t have the fires. Same climate. Same change. Different result. Huh?

Correct response: After coming out as voting for President Trump, Kirtstie Alley has been subjected to “the slings and arrows” of the Hollywierd elite. The Elite have attacked everything from her weight, her religion (Scientology) and her performing (“…Long was funnier than you.) Her response,” I honestly don’t take it too personally”. And that is the correct answer.

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