It’s Tuesday, Whopee Motes

Promises promises promises: Bruce Springsteen, singer of “Born In The U.S.A.”, says he will leave if Trump is re-elected. The 71-year old rocker recently spoke with the Australian press via a virtual chat, and he said that should the election favor Trump, he might not stick around the US. When first asked whether he’d ever consider a move to Australia, Springsteen said, “I would consider that.” He’ll probably be like all the others that promised but didn’t leave in 2016.

Can’t explain it: All of the local news sources, print, television, report Hawaii appears “overwhelmingly” for Biden. I cannot understand why. The local Democrat .gov has closed the state for the last 8 months, the “rail” is bankrupting the state, not just Honolulu, and the Demo party is offering nothing but bumper-sticker messages. Which is better than the silence of the GOP, but not doing any good. Maybe the voters are really as dumb as Mazie seems to think they are.

Low hanging fruit: I’m not going for the low hanging fruit, I’m not going to talk about “The View”, Joy Behar and her comments. Why not? Because with Behar, it’s just too easy. She epitomizes the Hollywierd Hypocrite. I’m just tired of it.

Some things don’t change: Landed in Hilo Friday night, and it looked like the Tan Sun Nhut Air Base terminal in 1966. Soldiers pointing the way, asking you if you had this or that, a medical tent right there, Now, show your Id, check in code, letter and “negative” test results, step on the yellow footprints. Didn’t have any civil rights there either.

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