Thursday Motes To Ponder

Holy crap, MSM doesn’t cover the real stories: From “Blazing Cat Fur “ (10/12/20) ; Story by Daniel Greenfield, on “Your Black Muslim Bakery” in Oakland CA. Part of the story reads; “Every bakery can encounter a little bad luck, but then his successor, Antar Bey, was shot to death on Martin Luther King Jr. Way. Bey was the son of Yusuf Bey, Your Black Muslim Bakery’s founder, who died after being busted for raping one of his foster daughters, in keeping with the teachings of the Koran which forbid sweets, but legalize child abuse. Authorities first suspected something was wrong when the girl, at the age of thirteen, gave birth to another Yusuf baby.” And it gets worse. Yusuf Bey, sired 42 children. Wow, one of those little told stories. By the way,

Fur coats should get really cheap this year: Danish authorities said Monday that veterinarians and farmers in northern Denmark have begun killing at least 2.5 million minks after 63 farms reported coronavirus outbreaks. The Danish Veterinary and Food Administration said farmers forced to put down non-infected animals will get 100% compensation, but breeders who have infected minks in their herds will be given less. Yes, “non-infected” animals are also being culled. This could be another business that will be forever killed by the virus.

If I ignore it it will go away: South African president Cyril Ramaphosa has insisted that farm murders are not “ethnic cleansing” after a grisly torture-murder in Free State. The claim that violent crime on farms is part of an orchestrated campaign by blacks to drive white farmers off their land is simply not borne out by fact, claimed the president.  The exact number of white farmers killed this year seems hidden by all the MSN statistics and mostly opinionated “news story’s”. And there are absolutely no numbers given on how many, if there are any, black farmers that have been beaten, tortured, their wives and daughters repeatedly raped, and then all killed. There have been at least 47 white farmers suffering this, this year. But it’s not ”ethnic cleansing”.

What the hell is this? From Breitbart, it appears Biden taking a football stance against, what appears to be, a Maori or other “indigenous” warrior. It sure as hell isn’t in U.S., look at the uniforms.

The photo is attached to an article about “Vice President Joe Biden is opting to ignore Columbus Day in favor of Indigenous Peoples’ Day—a holiday being embraced by progressives to honor Native Americans.” He’s running for the Presidency, why a story picture from how long ago? What happened to actual journalists?

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