Wee Wednesday Motes

Vote by mail, really: I have 2 names, Cliff Clavin, and “Newman”. That should be all that needs to be said.

Not what they think it shows: All the debate experts are commenting on the fly that landed on the head of vp-Pence. The Vice-President did not seem to acknowledge the insect, which to me shows he was focused on the job at hand, the debate, and not those annoying little pests. You know, like Kamala Harris.

There is a bullshxt flag thrown: A lengthy “investigative” piece on President Donald Trump’s nominee for the Supreme Court, Amy Coney Barrett, a New York Times reporter — who was on a reporting team that won a Pulitzer Prize for its false “reporting”  on the president’s alleged collusion with Russia during the 2016 presidential campaign — is now analyzing Judge Barrett’s religious beliefs. I didn’t realize there is a “fiction presented as truth” category in the Pulitzer’s. Hell, they don’t mean any more than the Noble anymore, maybe even less.

The hypocrisy is great in this one: Churches are not allowed to hold regular services in California. But celebrations are completely acceptable after the Los Angeles Lakers won the NBA Final.

Think again: I don’t need a firearm, I have a can of “Bear Spray”. How that work for the guy in Denver. The pictures show him using his spray, a large cloud can be seen. And he’s dead! It didn’t seem to do anything to the shooter, Matthew Dolloff, the unlicensed “security” “bodyguard”. Think about it.

Can’t blame them: Watch for some real major changes to many big cities. With the anti-police attitudes many officers are taking early retirements or just leaving the “job” entirely. Some cities, like Chicago will be forced to over-time and double shift the officers that remain, again effecting coverage and response.

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