Tuesday(Second Monday) Motes

More than enough: Did you realize there are at least 40 “armed conflicts” going on in the world right now. And this doesn’t even consider little things like the killing of white farmers in South Africa and the mass murder of Christians in Ethiopia. Can’t we all just get along.

Mad cow, or just really irritated: A 72-year-old man in England has been killed by a herd of charging cows making him the second such victim to die in this way in just a 10-day period in the country. The death came just 10 days before another man died in a similar incident on Sept. 21 in North Yorkshire, about 70 miles away. North Yorkshire Police were called to a report of a man in his 50’s who had been injured by a herd of charging cows.

We all have problems: Florida has giant snakes, Georgia has poisonous toads:  An investigation into a 6-year-old boy’s death led to the detection of a brain-eating amoeba in a Houston-area city’s water supply. The investigation into his Sept. 8 death led to the detection of the brain-eating amoeba after heath officials conducted water sample tests, Lake Jackson City Manager Modesto Mundo said in a news release Saturday. Please check your score card, who had Brain-eating amoeba for September?

Weekend total: Chicago 47 shot, 7 dead; Detroit 15 shot, 4 dead; New York 51 and 4. How’s those strict gun laws working? In Arizona, an open carry state, there have been 14 shooting deaths, this year.

From Instapundit: “Half the country’s pundits think we’re living in a Tom Clancy novel. The other half thinks we’re living in a Margaret Atwood novel. The truth is we’re living in a Tom Wolfe novel.” Me, I think we’re in a Hunter Thompson drug dream.

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