Monday Monday-Mote Mote

How stupid can you get: That’s supposed to be a rhetorical question, not a challenge. But it doesn’t get any stupider than the Honolulu candidate that says he’s  pro-gun, anti-feminist, America-first, supports Trump, closed borders, an end to political correctness, “anti-racial guilt” and proclaims himself a “Western chauvinist.” In Democrat run state. I’d suggest you not quit your day waiter job, your chances of getting elected are somewhere between zero and none.

Hey Jerry Nadler, one of the things about being our age, don’t fart in public. Just in case.

It only goes one way: The media reacts quickly and with righteous indignation when a black person is shot by police, or by someone white, no matter what the facts of the case are. we are seeing it again in the death of a 4-year-old white child in a targeted attack by a black man,  24-year-old Kimonie Bryant, turned himself in to police Authorities believe Bryant gained entry to the home via the front door and started shooting in the living room prior to fleeing on foot, One of the male victims was hit with two shots in the back of the head while another was struck two times in the back. he women, who were described as friends, were hit in their legs and have been cooperating with the police in the investigation. So a guy bursts into a house, opens fire, hits 4 adults and kills a child, where’s the outcry? Where’s the protest? Oh, the victims were white and the shooter was black, that explains it. It doesn’t fit the narrative.

What happened: BLM co-founder Alicia Garza was announced to speak at the University of Hawaii on Thursday September 24. Garza, an avowed Marxist, has been awarded ad endowed chair at UH. Manoa. Can anyone tell me why? “Garza is today’s leader for a better tomorrow. She has led in the most challenging of eras, forcing us to address the uncompleted work of civil and human rights in our midst.” Why yes, BLM is in the forefront of civil and human rights. Right. How come I can’t find a single word of her “address”? No a single word or reference.

Must be a very bad man: After months of “peaceful protesting:, resulting in well over $23 million dollars in damages (as of mid-August) the governor of Oregon is suddenly concerned with the fact the “Proud Boys” are talking about showing up. Not too concerned with the property and rights of the population, but you can’t have those white boys around. They might offend someone. I got nothing in common with the “PP”, or with BLM, I just want to be left alone.

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