Wednesday Motes With Meaning

Only one question: Well, the attacks on the President’s number one pick to replace RBG on the Supreme court have already started. Many “commenters” are making a huge deal of Amy Coney Barrett religious faith saying it  makes her a dangerous radical. There should  be  only  one question asked, “Is she qualified to be a judge in the highest court in the land. My answer would be yes. Well, unless the rape accusations start flying. Again.

And what has she done for you: Well, the lines have been drawn in the sand. Senator Mazie Hirono will oppose anyone that the President nominates to replace RBG. Anyone. After all, Mazie has already told us how smart the Democrat’s are, so smart they have to dumb down when they talk to you and me. This woman hasn’t done anything to improve the life of Hawaii residents in so long, I can’t even find one. Hey Mazie, if you’re so “in touch”, how much is a loaf of bread in Honolulu? Yeah, I’ll wait while your gofer looks it up. Once again, term limits, please

Just wrong: A high school athlete was disqualified from playing at her school’s volleyball game after a referee cited that her hijab violated the rules. Najah Aqeel, who is a ninth grader at Valor Collegiate Academies, a public charter network based in Nashville, Tennessee, was due to play at an away game for the freshman volleyball team on Tuesday. Right before the start of the game, the referee told Najah and her assistant coach that her hijab violated the rules set by the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS), and that she required special permission to play.  This is just wrong. Beyond schools, Muslim athletes in professional leagues have also faced similar challenges due to their hijabs, and many said they felt forced to choose between their faith and their passion for sports. Advocates have since called on both athletic departments and international leagues alike to end singling out Muslims and update what they call antiqued rules that have particularly targeted Muslim women. Yes, it should be changed.

I’m thinking I’ll stay up until midnight on New Year. Just to make sure 2020 leaves.

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