Tuesday Motes For Your Information

You won’t read this in the NYT: On Friday-Saturday, Sept. 18-19, the annual expansion of the White Cross Monument in Polokwane (Pietersburg), South Africa took place, commemorating over 2000 farm murders in South Africa since 1990. Singer Steve Hofmeyr will be the guest of honor, who has frequently publicized the fate of the South African farmers. This year alone, there have been 304 farm attacks and 46 farm murders through Sept. 15, despite a stringent COVID lockdown. In 2019, there were 472 farm attacks and 49 farm murders. In August 2020 there were 52 farm attacks and 9 farm murders. After the radical far-left Economic Freedom Fighters party under Julius Malema started a hate campaign, attacks spiked in September, with ten attacks last week alone.

Bikers don’t need masks: Missouri’s Lake of the Ozarks region played host to a large motorcycle rally last weekend, just weeks after a similar rally in South Dakota was linked to COVID-19 transmission. (Truth-Less than 100 “positives” out of 385,000 attendees) The 14th annual Bikefest Lake of the Ozarks started Wednesday, Sept. 16 and ran through Sunday, Sept. 20. Previous rallies drew over 100,000 to the area, NBC affiliate KSDK reported.

The Pot calling the kettle evil: HRC has gone on record that “The GOP’s lust for power is destroying our institutions”.  “You know, what’s happening in our country is incredibly dangerous. Our institutions are being basically undermined by the lust for power, power for personal gain in the case of the president or power for institutional gain.” This from the woman that still hasn’t lost the 2016 election.

How’s things working for you: Chicago, 40 shot, 6 dead; Detroit 20 shoot, 7 dead; NYC 25 + shot, at least 5 dead.

That’s how they do it: The Emmy’s, late night “talk” shows, and lot’s of Hollywierd celeb’s are doing it. If there’s not going to be any cheating by mail during the election, how come everyone is making jokes, doing skits, and generally making it “acceptable”?

Are we a Nation of Law’s or not.: With all the “elite’s ” (like Michael Moore, Bruce Springsteen, Cher, Jimmy Kimmel), urging violence, obstruction of process, and “guilt by accusation” to stop the elected representative’s from doing their job, I say we are not.

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