Monday Motes In The Morning

We don’t need no stinkin’ proof: Hollywood actress Debra Messing called President Donald Trump a “rapist” and a “pedophile” on Twitter Tuesday, and repeatedly posted the hashtags #TrumpIsARapist and #TrumpisaPedo in what appears like an attempt to get the smears trending on the social media platform. The actress has endorsed Joe Biden’s bid for the White House and has been campaigning virtually for the Biden-Harris ticket. Being an “actress”, I guess she’s used to delivering lines that someone else wrote, and it’s her “job” to make them believable. Don’t give up that daytime waitressing gig Debby.

Had enough yet: After 7 months of “stay at home”, 11 “Emergency Proclamations”, and 20+ percent unemployment Hawaii’s governor Ige still hasn’t given any guidelines to “re-open”.  Say that again, “AFTER 7 MONTHS”.  

 It’s all  conspiracy talk: Think talk of antifa leftists’ setting fires just crazy talk? We were assured by the Democratic leadership that these were the smoke-induced fever dreams of country hicks. Then explain why the commissioners of a wildfire-ravaged county in Oregon called a curfew late last week because of the specter of antifa fire setters. So far, 4 arrests in California, 3 more in Oregon including the guy they arrested three times, and 4 more in Washington. How many arrests are needed? Is 1 enough? Or do we need 40 or 50 before it’s “true”?

We can trust them:  I’m sure happy all those other protests have ended so quickly. What? They haven’t ended? But there’s no news coverage. Friday Google had 70 “US” stories, not one on protests. Same day, Drudge did 50+ stories, not one protest story. Just to check, The Gateway Pundit did 32 stories, with 1 slightly mentioning some “protesters”. So, they’re over, right?

I love movies: It took several years and searches but 8 or 10  years ago I finally found and purchased a copy of the vhs “The Spook Who Sat By The Door”. I had read the novel back in the 70’s, and managed to hand on to my paperback for years. The movie, a 1973 parable about institutional racism, was pulled from theaters after only a few weeks. The New York Film Festival is giving new life to the cult film. This much-mythologized bombshell was conceived in fury, born in flames and, on its 1973 release, advertised as America’s “nightmare.” was directed by Ivan Dixon. Recently shown at the NYFF it is again creating waves and interest.

Also at the NYFF: One of the other films shown was “Walking Tall”, I believe it’s the original with Joe Don Baker and not the remake with Dwayne Johnson. The original film was “based on the life and times” of Buford Pusser, a Tennessee sheriff that was reputed to fight against southern organized crime. Of course, the New York Times refers to it as “The year’s other independent feature, the white vigilante tale ‘Walking Tall’”. Don’t remember it that way, but hey it’s the NYT.

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