Sunday Rant

All the talking MSM heads, radio and television, sit around arguing about the riots/protests. They bring on “experts” from “both” sides. Everyone talks about the black/white/police disconnect. Some stand in front of burning buildings and talk about the “mostly peaceful protests”. I’ll agree there needs to be something done. Burning down business, beating people in the street, and walking up and shooting someone who doesn’t agree with you, is not the answer.
That seems to be the point “they” all seem to miss. There is no excuse for looting and the destruction of property of people you don’t know. This is not helping or healing in any way. These are criminal acts. These acts should be condemned, in no uncertain terms, by everyone. Loudly. And no excuses offered.
Sitting around and talking about how people are fed up, reached the breaking point, and then not offering any solution is only political posturing. This is not helping in any way.
I don’t have any answer to the “disconnect”. I’ll leave that up to the many people that are far smarter and way more educated than me. I will defend my property, the property and security of my family and my neighbors. But I’m not marching downtown with a rifle over my shoulder, right next to the chip.
Calling people names, because they don’t agree with you, standing in front of people and yelling obscenities and making obscene gestures aren’t helping in any way. Neither is killing children.
We need to help more children that have to use the neighborhood Taco Bell wi-fi to do their homework. We need to help more single moms escape abusive situations and find safe decent places to live. We need to arrest and imprison the abusers, the looters, and the arsonists. Then maybe we can start some healing.
Maybe I do have an answer.

Additional Comment: To “The Lincoln Project’s” Steve Schmidt, who stated Thursday on MSNBC, “Make No mistake that the Hawaiian shirt-clad Civil-War fetishists want to see a second Civil War in this country.” You sir, are an idiot.  They can have my aloha shirt off my cold dead back.

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