Monday Motes With A Conscious

News to use: There is a great scene in the 2012 film “The Avengers”. The character Loki has commanded all before him kneel, all do, and then one older man stands and states “Not to men like you”. Loki responds that there are “no men like me”. With what I say is the look of a man who has “been there and done that” the old man responds, “There are always men like you.” It is a tremendous sequence. The actor is Kenneth Tigar, a Harvard Graduate with Ph.D in German literature. He’s been an actor since 1975 and is still active. He’s appeared in dozens of movies and a HUGE number of television shows. He’s one of those journeyman actors that every time you see him you know you’ve seen him before, but don’t know his name. But everyone who has seen the movie, remembers that scene. Now you know, his name is Kenneth Tigar.

Election opinion: During a recent “debate” between the 2 leading candidates for the Honolulu Prosecutor’s office, it came down to who would be harder on crime. One candidate stated, “Do you really want to send someone to prison for testing positive for meth a couple times? No.” If someone tests positive “a couple of times”, for methamphetamine, the answer should be yes. I’m voting for the other candidate.

My view: If you didn’t work for it, you don’t have the right to take it. Nor do you have the right to cry when you don’t get it.

Still not watching: The NBA’s LeBron James has spoken out about firearms. Again. James spoke out for gun control during the NBA’s All-Star Weekend in 2018. “How can a kid who can’t buy a beer go and buy an AR-15?”. (He can’t.) “I think firearms are a huge issue in America. I don’t know how you clean that up.”( Does it need cleaning?) This from the guy that has a ten (10) man, armed, security attachment. He has off-duty police officers protecting his home. And the NBA also provides security. Even now while the NBA “protests” by not playing, but still getting paid. Hell with all that, I wouldn’t bother owning a gun either, but people like you and me don’t have this level of security. We have to take care of ourselves. Remember rule #1, “Nobody is coming to save you.”

I’m not, yet: The level of rhetoric being thrown around is depressing. Now Pelosi is saying anyone that votes “Republican” or votes for President Trump, is a “domestic terrorist” and an “enemy of the state”. No, I am not a domestic terrorist, there would be a lot more things blowing up if I were. Yes, I am an enemy of the “state”, especially when the “state” is my enemy.

Huh?: My son, the convicted sex offender, domestic abuser, assaulter of police officers, and resister of arrest, got shot. And the president hasn’t called me yet. Let’s burn down the city.

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