Motes For Wednesday Thinkers

Make them follow their own rules: The NBA should suspend and fire Clippers forward Montrezl Harrell after he appeared to call Mavericks guard Luka Doncic, a “B*tch Ass white boy”. Work it the other way. The white guy calls the black player a “Punk azz n…..” and Donic would already be out the door and down the road. Racist is racist. No apology needs to be published and he doesn’t have to issue any mea culpa. Just fire his butt and let’s see how he can make a living. Since he doesn’t appear to have any other skills, maybe he can become a day trader. Or learn to write code.

Unfortunately: It’s just like “Al Swearengen” (Deadwood) would say;”You can’t cut the throat of every cxxxxxxxr whose character it would improve.” I know, society frowns on it, even if it would improve society.

Holy crap: Sean Connery is 90. And still looks good. Happy Birthday.

A matched pair: Let’s see, Kamala slept with her boss, he was married at the time. Joe and Jill were both married to other people when they started “dating”. Yep, perfect partners for the White House. Let’s not forget Joe’s “I don’t work for you”, “you’re full of shit”, and the “lying dog faced pony soldier” comments. Nor forget, Harris said “I believe them”, in reference to four women who had by then accused Biden of inappropriate touching.

Not much to interrupt: The second Amendment says “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” Joe Biden, by contrast, thinks the relevant question is how many shells Americans are allowed to have in their shotguns when they hunt migratory birds. Would somebody please show me where those 26 words say anything about hunting. Biden also argues that the Second Amendment does not give everyone the right to own any firearm or weapon they want. Again, same 26 words. They don’t say anything about what a citizen can or can’t “keep and bear”.

Something’s happening here: I’ve read in several different places that the sales of “body armor” to private citizens, not military, police, or security, is now up. As much as 510% in some areas. Even Amazon is selling “back to school bulletproof backpacks”. It’s a crappy thing when your kid needs body armor to attend school.

Large sharp pointy objects picture. In celebration of National Knife Day (8/24) I present two more of my favorites. The large one is an “Angus Arbuckle”, made in South Africa and “brought” into the US by the late Al Mar. It is a big one piece of steel. The small one is Spyderco “Taylor” “Hobbit” fighter. I also have the folding REKAT model. It is designed to use in the “reverse”grip and those very aggressive teeth are used for trapping and controlling. They are mean.

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