It’s Tuesday, These Must Be Motes.

Again: I have mentioned my complaints about the “pharma bro’s” and their price gouges. Well, President Trump signed an executive order about the costs of prescription medication and what did the pharma-bros do? They raised prices again. One of Julies went from $21 to $300 in one step. This is on top of the price raises last year. I believe this is in response Trumps orders about medication and prices. It’s a big “f you”. The only ones being “f’d” here are folks like me and you. Unfortunately nobody is telling Trump that his move has backfired on the rest of us. I also don’t think he reads this blog, maybe he should.

Stimulate the economy, my ass:Let’s look at some of the FAT in the new Democrat “stimulus” bill; $2,00 per person to start, $1,000 per month for 1 year, Non-citizens will be eligible, amnesty for ALL illegal persons in the US regardless of past criminal record, lower the voting age to 16 y-o; go ahead for the “new green deal’, funding for “Planned Parenthood. The only thing this will. “stimulate” is fraud. Lots and lots of fraud.

This one is liable to anger up the blood; From “valorguardians”. Caution! Caution! Read no further if you’re not at a place in your morning to be pissed off at someone. Morgan Olson of Deer Park, Wisconsin has a severely autistic son. She found a group, Service Dogs by Warren Retrievers. They told her that she could fund raise for the cost of the dog. That cost isn’t given in the article, but she eventually raised $20,000 from friends, family, and the community. SDWR sent a message that they were on the list for a dog. Since then it’s been silence, the money is God knows where, and Nolan Olson doesn’t have a dog to help him cope with his limitations. Dan Warren is listed as the “Founder and President” of Service Dogs. The website shows “Gabby” is part of the “Client Services team” and currently lives in Rixeyville, VA. Ivan, but no last name, is in marketing and says “I decided to work at SDWR because I no longer have a desire to stay in sales”. This is the lowest of the low. This is one of those times I really regret the loss of the right to “demand satisfaction by trial of arms”, you know dueling.

Follow the money: It is an old cop moto, but I wonder where all the money raised by BLM Inc.(and it is an “Inc”) has gone. I haven’t read about BLM cleaning any streets. Starting any schools? Not even feeding the “starving children of the world”. Where does it all go? How come nobody in congress or Washington D.C, wants to see their “tax” records? Just asking for a friend.

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