Weekend was great for Monday Motes

Food for late night: Last week suffered through 4 days of the Democrat convention. I haven’t heard one Late Night Comedian joke about it. Not one. And I’m betting we never do.

Many times?:
The leader of the opposition to the rule of Russian President Vladimir Putin became violently ill on an airplane and had to be removed and taken to the hospital after the plane made an emergency landing. Putin is a prime suspect, simply because he’s done it many times before. (?) In 2018, Pyotr Verzilov, another prominent Kremlin critic, was rushed to the hospital suffering from similar symptoms as Navalny. In truth, Navalny and other Russian opposition leaders are tilting at windmills. They haven’t a ghost of a chance unseating Putin or limiting his enormous power. And “they” call Trump a “dictator”.

It’s just me: Am I the only one that spit coffee through his nose when I read “David Pecker leaves helm of National Inquirer”?

They just don’t see it: Having a conversation, the other day with an ultra-liberal friend of mine and we stated talking about the “peaceful protesters”. He mentioned the peaceful security representative that was shot while pointing his unloaded AK-47 at a man in a vehicle, who subsequently shot and “murdered” said security rep. I disagreed it was any crime. He promptly pointed out the AK was “unloaded” and therefor the shooting was a murder by the vehicle driver. I politely pointed out that anyone who carries and points an unloaded weapon at anyone, is only there to threaten and intimidate others as he knows he cannot defend nor protect anyone. He gets what he deserves. I didn’t even bring up the girlfriend in the wheelchair.

Ever wonder how we got to this point: How did a nation that defined itself with the superlatives, “land of the free and the home of the brave,” “America the Beautiful“ and “one nation under God” turn into a broken culture with no boundaries, no borders, no law, no order and no soul so fast? On Aug. 10, Matthew Kay, a Philadelphia teacher, wondered openly on Twitter how he and his fellow teachers would cope with an unwanted intrusion in this new era of online education. In his post, Mr. Kay, who teaches English at the Science Leadership Academy, a Philadelphia public school, expressed his concern about the “damage” that “parents” might cause if they overheard the lessons he had prepared for their children. This is probably one of those “teachers” that want parents to swear not to listen in while they “teach” out children. There is a reason they don’t want us to listen in. We surrendered our parental responsibilities to the “educators”. We stopped going to PTA meetings and asking out kids “What did you learn in school toady?” That’s when we lost.

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