Friday,With Beer and Cheetos, Motes

A sad city, and we’ll have to bail them out: On the day after Night 82 of The Portland Riots™ the new police chief is begging rioters to please stop because “the world is watching. We are on the national stage right now.” Too late. On night 82 of the riots, police reported a marauding mob of “several hundred” rioters set fire to the Multnomah County Building just across the river from their previous favorite targets in downtown Portland. That’s where the county commission holds its meetings, social services are doled out, and executives with the sheriff’s office and other top executives have their offices. It also turns out that it’s where the region’s store of COVID-fighting personal protection equipment (PPE) is stored. Mayor Ted Wheeler weighed in after Night 82 of The Portland Riots™ that he was shocked – shocked – that buildings were damaged. However, the mayor cheered on the protesters. Excuse me, when they are burning buildings, especially occupied buildings, they are not “protesters” they are rioters. Bullies. And you don’t beg bullies. The only answer was swift and overwhelming force. Now it’s too late. And the worse part is they’ll soon start asking for federal money, your tax money, to rebuild.

I wasn’t right, this time: Back in January I said the Democrat p think they have arty candidate would be E. Warren and the V-P would be an unknown, minority that would be touted as the next Obama. I figured Well, I was right about the “minority” part. But Harris is no “second Obama”. She brings more baggage that she does potential votes. Wait and see who the Dem’s start showing off as the next leader around June of next year. They’ll push that person for the next three years. They’ll promote, and promote the hell out of whoever it is. All for 2024.

Stay low: Lot’s to be said in favor of being a “grey man” right now. With “protesters” marching outside private homes, and beating the stuffing out of a “Pinata” that looks like the homeowners wife, it’s a good time to not be noticed.

Not a surprise: As the national media continues to race bait and paint the narrative that black people are the perpetual victims of white men, they are selectively ignoring senseless murders depending on the skin color of the suspects. A mother in California is currently mourning the death of her only son, 18-year-old Nathan Garza, who was killed by a black man with seemingly no connection to the victim on Sunday. Garza was shot outside the Safeway in Napa County where he worked. Appears to have just walked up and shot him. Kinda like Cannon Hinnant. Oh yeah, the MSM is ignoring him too.

Remember; Don’t do stupid things; Don’t go stupid places; and DON’T ASSOCIATE WITH STUPID PEOPLE. Stay safe.

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