Wicked Wednesday Motes

Another movie review: I also love “B” action movies. And the “King” of the “B” movies is Eric Roberts. I do not like his politics; I have a weakness for his movies. Last week I saw the King of the B movies in what I would consider the “King Movie of B Movies”, “The Butcher”. Featuring another B King, Robert Davi, “The Butcher” is a great afternoon/evening movie for just enjoying and drinking beer. Bad guys, worse guys, and a good woman. Shootouts and lots of snappy dialog it’s a perfect B movie. Oh, and give a listen to some of Davi’s singing if you get a chance. Especially if you enjoy Sinatra.

Just saying: “Paris Hilton Cries over Childhood Trauma in Documentary Trailer: ‘No One Really Knows Who I Am’” and nobody cares either.

Once again: I live on the 11th floor. If I can hear your car stereo, it’s too damn loud!!!!!

History lives
: In 1971, Nixon passed a rule to doom the Post Office. Now it’s finally happening. Previously a federally funded cabinet-level department, Pres¬i¬dent Richard Nixon over¬hauled the Post Office in 1971, which cre¬at¬ed what we know today as the USPS. The move fol¬lowed a wave of mil¬i¬tan¬cy by more than 200,000 clerks and carriers in 30 major cities who walked off the job for high¬er pay and collective bargaining rights The Unit¬ed States Postal Service (USPS) was in trouble before the Covid-19 out¬break, but now it’s fighting for its life  officials predict a $13 billion revenue loss amid declining mail volume this year alone and warn the agency will run out of cash by September unless Congress steps in. But it’s all trumps fault.

Local news: “A Honolulu resident who spent years working for the Central Intelligence Agency and as a contractor for the Federal Bureau of Investigation was charged Monday with spying on the U.S. and selling state secrets to China.” And for once I don’t know the guy.

Yeah, sure he will: Though recently sworn in Multnomah County District Attorney Mike Schmidt has elected to drop charges on most of the protesters who have been arrested in Portland over the last 2 1/2 months of nightly “unlawful assemblies” and riots, he has announced that plans on pursuing charges against the terrorists who pulled a man out of his truck and beat him senseless in the street. I don’t believe this for a minute. I’ve always used “judging by past results” school of thought and this clown has very poor past results.

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